Astronauts Find Foreign Life on Space Station

A Russian astronaut claims to find live bacteria outside the International Space Station (ISS). According to cosmonauts, they (bacteria) may be in outer space.

Russian engineer Anton Shkaplerov said that the microorganism was not present at the launch of the ISS in 1998. Most likely, the bacteria came from somewhere in outer space. Currently, the bacteria are brought back to Earth for further study after initial tests on top of the space station show they are harmless to humans.

Shkaplerov told the Russian news agency TASS that the organism was discovered when cosmonauts took samples of the space station’s hull. They take samples from waste fuel storage and from other parts of the ISS.
“They are being studied so far, and apparently, they do not pose a danger,” said the Russian astronaut who will make his third trip to the ISS in December as part of the Expedition 54 crew.

He insisted, the bacteria found at the station, not harmful to humans. Microorganisms that have reached outer space from Earth, have previously been known to stick to the surface of the ISS.

Shkaplerov said the bacteria were previously taken to the space station by accident on tablet PCs, along with various materials placed over the ISS over long periods, to study material behavior in space.

He said the bacteria were also found surviving in a vacuum, once burned from the Earth’s surface by the ionosphere lift. The phenomenon of seeing material from the surface of the Earth is elevated in and out of the atmosphere by the magnetic forces of the Earth.

Bacteria have previously been found on the ISS during the Test experiments and the space station Biorisk. During this test, special bearings are installed in the hull of the station and left for several years to see how the material is affected by the conditions in outer space.

Experts already know that outer space affects bacteria in strange ways. A team from CU Boulder’s BioServe Space Technologies found earlier this year that some shapeshift bacterial cells in space survived a common drug attack that killed them on Earth.

6 Reasons Women Always (Feeling) True While Certain Boys Are Always Wrong

It seems to be a common secret if the girl who is always right, while his boyfriend must be wrong. Selfish is indeed his impression. But come to think of this concept there is not without cause. In fact girls always find the slightest mistake made by a guy. Make the girl herself can always dodge when it is clear he also contributed errors. For example, yes like the opening conversation.

Or sometimes during times of crisis like PMS, mood swings that rise and fall like hysteria will definitely make a guy go awry. But what about the reason for this concept?

1. The sensitivity that women have for them is always confident in everything including when there is a problem

Even if you say it will not be angry if his boyfriend is honest. But in fact little dramas still exist. Sometimes the reason to lie in order to keep your feelings as a girl also feels in vain. So the point is still honest or lie still wrong in your eyes if indeed your guy is doing something you do not like.

2. Because the affair says the girl is better, than the guy who often goes awry
Talking to girls must be careful.

At least boys have to be assertive, in the sense if it says A yes A, and if want to change opinions should have a reason that fit or more reasonable. Let the edges are not blamed again with you. Given in the affairs of talking girls more good, because the vocabulary was more than men.

3. Because boys should be more patient than girls, considering you will be the head of the household

Actually guys or girls should always learn to be patient. But given the time when the head of the household boys will have greater responsibility. Perhaps by itself the demand to be patient becomes bigger. It could be this patience that will make your guy’s figure wiser too.

4. Sometimes guys themselves do not realize if he made a mistake, so naturally if the girl finally got angry and felt the most right.

Yes, neglect and unconscious are human. But her name is also a girl, who when it’s angry it seems reluctant to understand with both things. Until finally felt the most true himself when his guy started to admit and apologize. Understand girls also have a high ego and prestige too you know.

5. Yes because she wants girls not just understandable, but also understandable including the problem of wrong and right

Looks like the song Ada Band That Want Women Understood this must be revised again. Because even if you say it just wants your guy to understand a little more. In fact you want your boyfriend to understand exactly what you want. And secretly you also want him to understand all matters relating to you, including the problem of wrong or right.
Anyway in a condition or situation like anything wrong still not a girl.

6. Because basically girls are always right and guys are always wrong it’s part of the natural law that is quite believable and do not need any explanation.

Want to be discussed repeatedly until bored too, the concept of girls is always right and guys are always wrong this will not be changed. Pronounced selfish too it seems a bit excessive. Because this concept is like the law of nature, which should be trusted and do not need any explanation. Girls will always be right. While the guy, be patient…