Hidden Mysterious Object Caught At NASA’s Rocket Launch

A mysterious object caught in NASA’s shuttle rocket launch video footage. When viewed more closely, the object is blended with clouds, white with luminescence.

Suddenly, the apparition triggered alleged extraterrestrial experts that this object could be a UFO or a mysterious object from outer space that approached the Earth. True or not, experts are still examining the image.

Interestingly, the expert realized the rocket launch video took place six years ago, precisely in 2011. Video record the atmosphere of the launch of Endeavor rocket to undergo his final mission.

Extraterrestrial experts are aware of the video clumsiness after they accidentally watched a video that NASA uploaded on its official YouTube channel. They also re-uploaded the NASA rocket launch video on the UFO Today page.

The mysterious object is believed to be a satellite called “White Knight”, an extraterrestrial satellite that has secretly orbited the Earth for thousands of years, according to the Mirror, Tuesday (28/11/2017).

This statement triggers pros and cons. Some believe, but some do not. What is clear, experts can not ensure the authenticity of the object.

NASA hides the existence of UFOs?

NASA itself is rumored to have hidden the existence of UFOs for a very long time.

In early 2017, NASA’s astronauts’ video on the Space Station (ISS, International Space Station) sparked a debate in cyberspace. The reason, the astronaut is suspected to hide the sightings of UFOs that fly through the ISS.

The video uploaded by Secure Team 10 on YouTube shows an astronaut’s recording of a component on the ISS.

Do not panic first, the emerging UFO is not a big, yellow-looking component visible inside the video, the foreign object appears at 2:37.
Strangely, shortly after the glowing white dot sped off, the astronaut’s hands seemed to cover the object.

Even so, there are skeptics and do not believe the appearance of the object, for example one of the users of Thomas Bewickbeat.

“Who cares is really alien or not, when our own lives have been miserable on Earth?” ceplosnya.

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