Know These 6 Facts About Independent Women

1. We like to spend time alone.

We will not look for you whenever we have free time. Not just men, ladies also need space – we want to do our own activities and pamper ourselves too.

2. We can fix the problem.

We will not call you whenever we get into trouble at the office. We chose not to rely on a man’s help to get a job done – so do not worry, we’ll try to fix the problem ourselves.

3. We can pay bill itself.

At dinner together, do not be surprised if we will pay half of the bill bill or even treat you. We are both career – so, we can take care of ourselves, really.

4. We choose you.

We’d like to date, but do not think we’re getting married as soon as possible. Let’s take time to get to know each other. If it does not fit, we will not force it. Goodbye!

5. Our career is not just a hobby.

We work hard because this is not just a hobby to be left behind after we get married. Many men work because they want to succeed – we have the same goal!

6. We are not your mother.

Because we are independent, we hope you can also take care of yourself. Better not to depend on each other, but still support and appreciate each other, right?

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