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10 Exercise That Make You More Healthy & Have Many Friends

Nowadays sport is no longer just a necessity, but it has become a lifestyle that should not be missed. From the old to the young, from the baby boomers to the millennials.

Many activities that can be regarded as a sport, because it makes us more draining, sweat and sometimes even make us get the ideal body shape. Some sports are very suitable to do to lose weight and help shape the body becomes more ideal.

Some other people choose to do the sport because it is being hits and very Instagramable. Calm down, nothing is wrong, because all will return to the initial goal of the sport is to nourish our body and soul.

Some of the sports below also help you get lots of friends from the community who support them. Well, these 10 sports will make you healthier as well as content for your Instagram.

1. Run Marathon.

Running is a sport that as much as possible avoided. Because in addition to a lot of sweat drain, this activity also makes us tired quickly.

But running now is not as boring as it used to be. If the first goal to run just to make healthy or lose weight, now there are many who make us become fond of running.

One of them is a festival or event held in it. Such as color run, gift sharing, medal gift and many more. Motivation gained not only for exercise but also to socialize with many people.

2. Micro Gym.

Have you ever seen how an Andien exercises? Yes, one of the sports that he wrestled and was being cultivated is Micro Gym.

This one sport only takes 20 minutes to move, but the results obtained like 2 hours we exercise. With the help of EMS MihaBodytech tool, anyone who wants to exercise but do not have enough time, can make this sport as an alternative.

You who find it difficult to arrange a time to exercise, may try this one sport.

3. Muay Thai.

Many kinds of sports or martial arts can be tried. Like the extreme sports this one does tend to be chosen by the adam to train martial arts.

But in the digital era like today, many women who try this sport. Originating from the Land of the White Elephant, this sport also helps anyone to lose weight.

Although it can not be instant, but this sport offers activities that are quite exciting, especially for young children. You who follow the Muay Thai can lho upload a picture of the present that can beautify your Instagram.

4. Antigravity Yoga.

In a very busy era like today, lazy it is to exercise outdoors is very crowded. Most people who want to stay healthy but do not have a long time to exercise, choose a fairly relaxed but effective exercise that is yoga.

If, usually yoga just requires us to sit together and with unique techniques, make us more focused with our own thoughts. But again with Antigravity Yoga.

In this sport there is little difference with the movement of yoga in general, namely the movement of the head below and feet are on top. The goal is clear to bring back blood to our brain.

Using some tools, such as scarves or cloth tied up, where we nanitnya will move and wrapped around the cloth.

5. Archery.

Sports that often enter the race in the Olympics is now becoming very loved by millennial youth. In addition to looking really cool by pulling the arrows and releasing them, you can also practice concentration by following a sport that will not make you sweat a lot but stay healthy.

6. Squash.

It’s no longer the time for you to exercise outdoors. Tired, sweaty but ineffective. Yes, Squash sport is now more popular.

Where you can play tennis but indoors. What you fight is not a person but a wall that will reflect the ball you hit.

This sport gives you convenience in terms of space and time. You do not have to be afraid of not being able to exercise because it’s raining. You can also exist when you are in this room.

7. Freeletics.

Again, technology makes it easy for anyone to use it. Various needs and human activities can also be done with applications on smartphones. Like the Freeletics sports app.

Where some sports movement and its guides can help you to exercise in the house. Starting from jumping jack, pull up bar, and much more.

You do not have to worry about not being maxed out. As long as you are consistent with the way you practice, you can do and get maximum results.

8. Pilates.

Pilates is one sport that does not make you much energy. Because the movement you have to do is not much draining but burns a lot of your calories.

This sport is just as popular as yoga. Equally workable in the room, anytime and can also make you meet new people.

9. Zumba

If you ever do gymnastics poco-poco, maumere or even come together then it will not be difficult for you who like to move to enjoy the music with Zumba exercise. You can be with your friends Zumba gymnastics after you lecture or ngantor.

You can take a class or gymnastics studio. Zumba will bring you more moves and make your muscles become more flexible.

10. TRX.

Total Body Resistance Exercise or better known as TRX. This sport will focus on reducing weight by relying on our own body weight.

Where we will move and hold back with our own weight. Rope is one of the tools to be used.

This exercise trains strength, endurance, mobility and also our body balance. It also trains our stability and flexibility.

Be AC Milan coach, Gattuso Got Many Support

Gennaro Gattuso reaped a lot of support after being appointed as AC Milan’s new coach to replace the sacked Vincenzo Montella on Monday (27/11/2017). One of them came from his former colleagues while still a player, Massimo Ambrosini.

Gattuso and Ambrosini have played together at AC Milan for several years. They both contributed berandil in delivering AC Milan champions Serie A in 2004 and the Champions League in 2003 and 2007 under the care of Carlo Ancelotti.

“The club made a bold choice by pointing Rino (nickname Gattuso),” said Ambrosini as reported by Sky.

According to Ambrosini, Gattuso’s long experience of defending AC Milan (1999-2012) will have a major impact in his later performance.

“In some cases, charisma and personality can bring a lot of influence, and in this case his personality will help a lot,” he said.